Richard Frankel


                          Our Pastor’s Biography

Born and raised in India of British parents, Pastor Richard Frankel attended college in the United Kingdom, graduating with a major in Theology and Public Speaking. One year before graduation, he served a ministerial internship in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Southern Ireland; Dublin, and Glasgow, Scotland. Following graduation, Richard was an Associate Pastor in both Manchester and Sheffield, Northern England.

 The fall of 1968 saw him crossing the Atlantic to accept an associate pastorship in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond. On June 29th , 1969 Richard and Joyce were married in Virginia. In September of the same year he was appointed Director of Missions of India and Sri Lanka, and spent the next three months with Joyce touring the region. Together, they serviced the area for seven years, traveling several times each year from their home bases in Israel and England.
In January 1970, they moved to Jerusalem for four years, where he was responsible for the Jerusalem church. His varied responsibilities included bringing large groups of international students to dig in the Holy Land.
In the fall of 1970, Richard was sent on a three-month missionary journey to Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone. The family returned to the United Kingdom in 1974 to service the Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull churches in Northern England.
From 1976-1980 he was assigned to the Newark, NJ church. The Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, was their next assignment that lasted eleven years. Since August 1991 Pastor Richard has serviced the Chicago area, including Regional Director for Illinois, Wisconsin, Western Michigan, and Western Ohio from 1992-1996.  He currently leads the Christian Fellowship Churches in Kenosha Wisconsin and Chicago.
We would be remiss if we did not mention their five grown children who have been very much a part of their ministry.