Bill Giordano


                   Assistant Pastor’s Biography

Born and raised in Chicago, Associate Pastor Bill Giordano first came in contact with Worldwide Church of God publications and broadcasts while in the Navy stationed in Hawaii.

On returning to civilian life back in Chicago, Bill took a job as a Mechanic with the Postal Service. In 1975 he married Pat Nessling, the girl he had met in Sunday School in his early teens.  He continued to receive Church publications and in 1976 began attending services and was baptized.

In the mid-eighties, Bill changed his career to Information Systems, an occupation he first began training for while in high school.  During that same time-frame Bill became more active in church affairs and enrolled in Spokesman Club, completing the 12 lesson curriculum in 3 years.  During two of those years he served as Club Secretary.

In 1992 Bill was ordained a Deacon and began giving sermonettes.  Bill spent three years in Graduate Club serving one year as Secretary and two as President.
In 2001 Bill was ordained as a local church elder in the Chicago North Church. He also serves as the church Treasurer. His wife, Pat has been active in the local church since the passing of her father in 2003. She developed Children’s Church and ran a monthly Women’s Bible Study.

Bill and Pat have two grown children, a grandson and a granddaughter.