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The Law of Self-Realization

September 11, 2021
Certain laws govern life and happiness. The law of retribution Galatians 6:7-8. The law of sin and death Romans 6:23. The law of self-preservation Mark 8:35. The law of self-realization…
Isaiah, Elihu and Paul used the analogy of the potter and clay. Jeremiah was advised to go to the potter’s house to learn how God works with them to mold…

Facing the Enemy

August 28, 2021
The apostle Paul reminds his readers that they face an enemy. Though his letter is addressed to Christians, the enemy he writes of is an enemy to all humankind; the…

Kingdom of God

August 21, 2021
The Kingdom of God is the true message of hope.
So that we might draw upon the reservoir of the Holy Spirit, let us answer some questions people ask about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness is Good News

August 7, 2021
God offers forgiveness to us through faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

Christ the Living Bread

July 31, 2021
The Synoptic gospels refer to the miracle as an act of power, but John calls it a sign and gives the meaning of it. Apart from the gospel of John,…

Handling the Crowd

July 24, 2021
The crowd of five thousand men, not counting women and children, which Jesus taught and fed were moved by His teachings, His healings and the filling free meal. He sent…

Bible Churches in India

July 17, 2021
Bishop Kishore describes his ministry in southeastern India and the ten churches he helped plant.
The Apostle Paul makes five great assertions concerning the functions of the Holy Spirit. These five great assertions can warm our hearts and challenge us to both worship and witness…
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