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They Came to Worship Him

January 6, 2018
There is much to understand from a careful reading of the story of the magi from the east who tracked Jesus' birth from a great distance, arrived at His home…

The Light of Christmas

December 23, 2017
Light has long been associated with Christmas, its decorations and celebration. Isaiah and John used light to prophesy, then proclaim, Jesus' entrance into the world. In this message we consider…

Mary’s Song

December 16, 2017
When Mary arrived at her cousin Elizabeth's home, pregnant with Jesus, she and Elizabeth were both filled with the Holy Spirit. Mary was inspired to exclaim a song of praise…

What is Christmas?

December 9, 2017

Jesus the Fulfillment

December 2, 2017
Jesus' arrival ended a period of over 400 years of silence by God.  Prophecies had been given and people who followed them were expectant. His arrival fulfilled the prophecies and…


November 25, 2017
As Christians, we have much to be thankful for. Pastor Richard uses the word THANKSGIVING as an acrostic to highlight the specific things for which we should thankfully rejoice before…

Give Thanks to the Lord!

November 18, 2017
Using David's song of 1 Chronicles 16, we examine what Christians have to be thankful for, in this season and always.

A Proper Love for Yourself

October 28, 2017