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The Resurrection

April 3, 2021
In the final verse of chapter 23 Luke mentions four reactions to Jesus’ death. Then in the predawn stillness of Sunday morning, it happened. The miracles of miracles – The…

The Servant of the Lord

March 27, 2021
Among Isaiah's prophecies are four "Servant Songs" which foretell events in Jesus' life. The Ethiopian eunuch Philip encountered in Acts 8 was reading one and Philip used it as a…

The Cross of Jesus Christ

March 20, 2021
When the centurion witnessed how Jesus died, he exclaimed, “Truly this man was the Son of God” Mark 15:39. And the women who supported the ministry of Jesus Christ in…

Amazing Grace

March 13, 2021
The text suggests five thoughts that each believer should deposit in their heart.

The Temple of His Body

March 6, 2021
John reveals three distinct facets of our Lord’s personality. We see Him show anger, we hear Him announce His mission to die, and we observe His divine magnetism that made…

The Necessity of Faith

February 27, 2021
Using Abraham's example, the Apostle Paul shows why trying to keep the Law, instead of relying on Jesus' sacrifice for our forgiveness, is a hopeless endeavor which ends in failure…

Learning From Noah

February 20, 2021
This section of Peter's letter presents three different ministries. If we understand these ministries, we will be better able to suffer in the will of God and glorify Christ.

An Encouraging Glimpse

February 13, 2021
The transfiguration of Jesus was a unique event for His disciples. It followed talk of his arrest, suffering, death and resurrection. The transfiguration was meant to encourage His closest disciples.…
The prophet's questions were meant for Jews suffering in Babylon where they had been taken captive for disobeying God. As changes unfold in our nation, the truths which follow the…
The Bible speaks of many different consciences - weak conscience, a good conscience, a pure conscience, a guilty conscience, an ignorant conscience. The scriptures and illustrations demonstrate that the conscience…