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Facing Unbelief

July 3, 2021
When Jesus returns to His hometown a second time, He again faces unbelief and rejection among its citizens. Rather than appreciate the things He has done, they insult and turn…
The Corinthians were enthusiastic in pledging to give liberally but did not follow through; so Paul wrote to them about their failure.
The disciples were faced with the wind of circumstances without and the waves of doubt and fear within. After the storm was calmed by Jesus, the disciples said, “What manner…

How the Kingdom Grows

June 12, 2021
Mark records Jesus' parables about how the Kingdom of God grows. He also gives us insight into why Jesus used parables to teach, and reveals the spiritual depth of meaning…

The sermon looks at one of the most famous personalities Jesus encountered in the gospels and his struggle, as "Israel's teacher", to understand what Jesus told him.


May 22, 2021
We may never fully understand it all, but we must thoroughly consider what happened on that day of Pentecost described in Acts 2.
In an intimate prayer with the Father on the night He was betrayed and arrested, which John recorded, Jesus asked that His followers remain in the world but that they…
The ascension of Jesus is commemorated in some Christian churches with a service forty days after Easter. Though we don’t observe it that way, the Ascension is a topic which…

I Am the True Vine

May 1, 2021