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How can we understand Jesus when He congratulated those who were persecuted and encouraged them to rejoice in their persecution? Obviously there is a paradox to be explained.

Come and See

January 25, 2020
John the Baptist pointed Jesus out to his followers as the Lamb of God, the One for whom he was preparing the way. When two of John's disciples turn to…

Before You Die

January 18, 2020
If you knew your life would end when the day ends, how would you live the day?
Matthew introduces here the theme of hostility, which he focuses on throughout his gospel. Satan is a liar and murderer, as was Herod and his family. This horrendous murder was…
How does the story of a wicked king of Judah figure in to the prophecy of the birth of Christ?
Christmas means many things - giving, sharing, loving, singing and fellowship but Christmas also means listening to Jesus Christ to hear what He has to say about God. The big…
If we miss the good news of Christmas, we have missed the main point.
As we await Jesus' second advent, Paul's words are even more appropriate for us, in our age, than they were for his first century audience.
Gratitude is a grace, a gift from God. Like all His gifts, we can take it or leave it. We can use it or neglect it. In this, as in…

Lifting the Prophetic Veil

November 16, 2019
In Luke 21, Jesus focuses on things death cannot destroy - things like a humble, devoted heart and God's unalterable plan for the future.