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The Candle of Love

December 19, 2020
The fourth candle in the Advent wreath signifies love. Just as love is the primary fruit of the Spirit, we work our way from the other fruits represented on the…

The Candle of Joy

December 12, 2020
It is at this point that the symbolism of the Advent wreath has the most to say. We light the candle of joy, because we believe people can indeed be…

The Candle of Hope

November 28, 2020

Life at its fullest ends all too soon. One moment's delay may usher in an eternity of regret. Delay poses a serious problem to humankind, so Christ offers a parable…

The True Rapture

November 14, 2020
In this section of his letter, Paul answers the Second Coming concerns of those in Thessalonica who had loved ones that had died.

Growing Pains

November 7, 2020
The Apostle Paul explains to the Thessalonians the divine resource believers have in times of suffering and persecution - God's Word Within Us.

Helping the Baby Grow Up

November 1, 2020
Paul reminded the church in Thessalonica of the kind of ministry he had demonstrated when he taught and cared for the young church

Election and Evangelism

October 24, 2020
In Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, he praises them for their response to the gospel and then explains how their actions prove their election by God. By examining Paul's explanation…

Give Him All the Keys

October 17, 2020

Put Aside Your Excuses

October 10, 2020
The excuses of the people in Jesus' parable were foolish in light of so gracious and invitation. Yet they are non more foolish that the excuses given in our day.