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Christians and Discernment

October 3, 2020

The Command to Forgive

September 26, 2020
As surprising as it may seem, the guidelines for forgiveness were given by our Lord for the benefit of the offended. When we fully recognize this, we will see the…

The Christian and the State

September 19, 2020
Scripture teaches that Christians should participate responsibly as citizens of the community and state they belong to.

Impossible Commands

September 12, 2020
What are we to make of the impossible commands of God?

A Controlling Motive

August 29, 2020
John, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, selected seven miracles and illustrations  to convince the minds and hearts of the people that Jesus was the Son of God and…

Our Lord’s Character

August 22, 2020
David mustered all of his experience of the Almighty God and all the wonder of His goodness to him and expressed it in this final praise of all praises.
Christ is interested in mothers, He came to seek and save them, and He uses mothers in His ministry of seeking and saving others. The New Testament shows us Christ's…

Be Not Afraid

August 8, 2020
Our text contains the answer to three great questions concerning fear. Perhaps we can learn how better to cope with fear as we delve into it.

The Miracle Meal

August 1, 2020
Most of all the miracle appears when we face a problem that defies a solution...when the number's won't add up...when the walls won't come down...when only a miracle will do.