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Jesus, the Bread of Life

August 11, 2018
Jesus Christ, the Living Bread, continues to provide sustenance for the innermost being of those who trust Him and look to Him for grace and guidance in life.

The Work of God is This

August 4, 2018
When Jesus is met by crowds who crossed the Sea of Galilee seeking Him, He chides them for being more concerned about getting a free meal than doing the work…
John records this miracle among the seven he uses to prove that Jesus is God in the flesh.

Sheep Without A Shepherd

July 21, 2018
This reading reveals the compassion of Jesus toward people who have been deprived of sound doctrine and healthy leadership. His selfless concern for them, and His desire to teach them…

One of the central themes of Mark's gospel is the unbelief of people who come into contact with God's servant.

The Two Daughters

June 30, 2018
The gospel reading focuses on two healings - one Jesus actively carries out, while the other is seemingly taken from Him. There is much to discover from these intertwined healings…

Freedom From Fear

June 23, 2018
Our scripture passage proves that Jesus gives freedom from fear. In this account are two questions that deal with freedom from fear.

Father’s Day

June 16, 2018
Jesus' parable of the lost sons provides a picture of a model father.
When you consider the importance of the family in Jewish society, you can imagine how radical Christ's words  must have sounded. The Israelites expected Him to bring back Israel's lost…