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The View on the Mountain

March 2, 2019
The account of Jesus' transfiguration has connections to other scriptural events which expand our understanding of God's plan. In the sermon we examine some of those connections to see what…
When Christ was called to change the course of history, He called the twelve and taught them discipleship.

Reversal of Fortune

February 16, 2019
Luke's account of Jesus' beatitudes differs from the account in Matthew. Luke presents his as a contrast. For each one that comforts the distressed, there is one to warn the…

Launch Out Into the Deep

February 9, 2019

Today This is Fulfilled

February 2, 2019
When Jesus returned to His hometown and read from Isaiah in the synagogue, He quickly showed them He was not just "Joseph's son". In fact, His words angered them greatly.

Water Into Wine

January 26, 2019
Jesus' turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana was His first recorded miracle. "This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee" (John 2:11). John alone records…

The Ax is At the Root

January 12, 2019
Jesus' ministry was a radical departure from what the people were familiar with under the Old Covenant. Jesus' teachings  overthrew old ways of understanding. They were not at all what…

I Know A Secret

January 5, 2019
A mystery is a "sacred secret" that is unknown to unbelievers, but understood and treasured by the people of God. Paul shows us the "mystery" is important to four different…

Looking Backward and Forward

December 29, 2018
As we come to the end of 2018 and approach a new year, it would be profitable to take a look backward and count our blessings and to look forward…

The Magnificat Meeting

December 22, 2018
Our sermon peeks in at a visit between two unexpectedly pregnant women who are bubbling over with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. There is much to discover from the…