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God’s Servant is Here

February 17, 2018

He Came to Preach

February 3, 2018
Jesus had a commission to fulfill. He came to proclaim - good news to the poor; freedom for prisoners; and the day of the Lord's favor. Jesus knew the message…

The Authority of Jesus

January 27, 2018
The need of our age is to recognize and respond to the authority of Christ. He has the right to speak to our generation and to be heard. Those who…

The Kingdom of God

January 20, 2018
After the incarceration of John, Jesus came preaching the good news of the kingdom of God. It denotes the gospel of salvation through faith in Christ on the basis of…
Who was this man? Most scholars identify Bartholomew with Nathaniel. John's gospel shows Philip leading Nathaniel to Jesus; Philip and Nathaniel were good friends. We do not know much about…

They Came to Worship Him

January 6, 2018
There is much to understand from a careful reading of the story of the magi from the east who tracked Jesus' birth from a great distance, arrived at His home…

The Light of Christmas

December 23, 2017
Light has long been associated with Christmas, its decorations and celebration. Isaiah and John used light to prophesy, then proclaim, Jesus' entrance into the world. In this message we consider…

Mary’s Song

December 16, 2017
When Mary arrived at her cousin Elizabeth's home, pregnant with Jesus, she and Elizabeth were both filled with the Holy Spirit. Mary was inspired to exclaim a song of praise…

What is Christmas?

December 9, 2017