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The Unknown God

May 16, 2020
While in Athens, Paul was given a chance to speak to the philosophers of his day about the God they worshiped but didn't know. Do you really know the God…

Suffering and Coping

May 2, 2020
Peter gives us instruction on how to endure pain, even when our suffering is unjust. He reminds us that Jesus also suffered and that God is in charge. As we…
After the resurrection, Luke reveals two appearances of our Lord. Jesus commissions His disciples to carry the news of His victory over death and His ascension to the uttermost parts…

Thomas and Faith

April 18, 2020
Thomas, the apostle, refused to believe that Jesus was alive until he saw his scars. Jesus said those who believed without seeing were blessed.
On earth a pall of gloom clung to Golgotha where Jesus' body was stretched on a cross. To His enemies, the sight bore a measure of satisfaction; and to His…
This was the 7th miracle of Jesus recorded by John to prove that Jesus is the Son of God not just the Son of Man. Includes a message by Grace…

Blind Since Birth

March 28, 2020
We examine a man who's life-long blindness occurred to display the works of God, and how the healing of his physical blindness led to the healing of his spiritual blindness.

Why God Loves You

March 14, 2020
We wonder why God would love a world that is in revolt against Him. And many individuals wonder why God loves them.