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Have Mercy

October 27, 2018
Our reading focuses on a blind man who refused to let Jesus pass him by. His interchange with Jesus is a template for how God deals with His children when…

The Suffering Servant

October 20, 2018
Though most Christians know the New Testament is all about Jesus, fewer are aware of the prominent place Jesus  has in the Old Testament. We see it in Isaiah 53.…

The High Cost of the Kingdom

October 13, 2018
This sermon is not about buying our way into the kingdom - it's about participating with Jesus in His kingdom life, thus conforming our lives to His kingdom ways.

No Jesus, No Fish

October 6, 2018

The Heavens Declare

September 29, 2018
Through this psalm we'll discover the thoughts of a man after God's own heart as he ponders the intricacy and majesty of the universe, the fined-tuned precision of the created…

Hindrances to Answered Prayer

September 22, 2018
Pastor Richard, preaching from James, shows why some prayers seem to go unheard and unanswered.

The Love of God

September 15, 2018
One of the great mysteries that people seek to understand is the love of God. Every definition fails to fully define it. John 3:16-17 overwhelms us with its meaning. We…

When Jesus Insults

September 8, 2018
After another dispute with the religious leaders, Jesus went to a Gentile area. When a Greek woman there recognized Him and asked Him to free her daughter from a demon,…

Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak

September 1, 2018
James begins this section of his letter by discussing a problem that was current in his day as well as ours. Who is to blame for our sin?

We Are At War

August 25, 2018
Paul spoke of believers getting ready for a fight. He describes the Christian life as one of continual conflict. Battle must be waged daily against the most relentless foe from…