Blind Since Birth

March 28, 2020
We examine a man who's life-long blindness occurred to display the works of God, and how the healing of his physical blindness led to the healing of his spiritual blindness.

Come and See

January 25, 2020
John the Baptist pointed Jesus out to his followers as the Lamb of God, the One for whom he was preparing the way. When two of John's disciples turn to…

Paul’s Final Words

November 2, 2019
At the end of Paul's final letter to Timothy, he chronicles recent events which point to his end. As he sums up the work of his life and his accomplishments…

Remember Jesus Christ!

October 19, 2019
Paul's words to Timothy, in his final letter before his death, were meant as a battle cry. Paul was in chains and Christians were being persecuted, but the gospel could…