Remember Jesus Christ!

October 19, 2019
Paul's words to Timothy, in his final letter before his death, were meant as a battle cry. Paul was in chains and Christians were being persecuted, but the gospel could…

The Two Mountains

August 24, 2019
The writer recalls the experience of ancient Israel at Mount Sinai to contrasts the Old Covenant with the relationship God extends to His people who have received grace and forgiveness…


July 6, 2019
This reading begins Luke's Travel Narrative. In the chapters which follow, Jesus makes His final trip to Jerusalem. From the very beginning, what stands out is Jesus' determination. Next week…

The Empty Tomb

April 27, 2019
The events John recounts read like a three act play, with Mary as the central figure in each act. The story moves from dismay to confusion and bewilderment and finally…

Unless You Repent

March 23, 2019
In the scripture reading Jesus addresses a question on the minds of people everywhere, throughout time: "Why do bad things happen to people?".  Jesus'  answer has implications for all.